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Use psychology and human behavior tips to get the most out of your team and membership

The book when people are your most important asset

As award-winning club consultants working with clubs and communities across the country, we noticed themes and patterns of excellence and struggles. One of the common denominators was a lack of understanding about human behavior. The industry focuses on the what but misses the opportunity to explain the why or how.

Clubology offers real-world stories from a diverse sampling of club industry professionals—those in the people business—and analyzes each situation through the lenses of psychology and human behavior. Why did some tactics work? Which strategies could be improved? This collection of stories, our insights, and proven science weave together to teach best practices and learn from others’ experience and knowledge. 

Working smarter, not harder

How do you use the psychology of human behavior to run a better club?

Clubology is the guide Club professionals need to lead better, guide their team to success, and keep and attract more happy members. Psychology can help us understand and influence human behavior, which is the root of why Clubs work. It impacts everything from motivating staff to work as a team to convincing a new member why your Club is their Club. 

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Clubology offers a fresh perspective with real-life stories you can identify with

Learn psychology tips and strategies to run an even better club

Connect and learn from others in the industry

Get insights on how to interact even better with staff and members

From culture to team morale to social proof, find effective ways to make your role easier

Strategies and tips for emerging leaders

Easy digestible nuggets of information to take back and use

Learn. Laugh. Lead.


What they say

Our Founder, Walt Disney, always emphatically believed, “You can design, create, and build the most wonderful places in the world…but it takes PEOPLE to make those dreams reality.” Clubology is an important reinforcement of that belief.

Tom Elrod
President of Marketing for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide

Using these tools of psychology and human behavior introduced in Clubology can offer relevancy and insight to assist in your daily efforts. It’s a great tool to help build community, get the most out of your team, and run offense on giving your members an even better club experience.

Robert Richman
Keynote Speaker, Author of The Culture Blueprint, Former Culture Strategist, Zappos

Clubology explores how human psychological needs and club life intersect for the professionals, staff, and members. It provides insights into how thinking about the emotional attachment members have with their clubs can shape their expectations and experience interacting with staff and other members, and vice versa.

Having served on the board of a country club for eight years and as president during the depths of the pandemic in 2020, for me Clubology shines light on the lessons we can learn from the psychological effects of that time. There’s an old saying often repeated in the board room: “We’re in the dues business.” Clubology reminds us that we are, in fact, in the people business—members, professionals, and staff.

Joe Trauger
President & CEO, National Club Association

Laura and Ryan are highly rated presenters because they connect the dots in a way that is actionable. Clubology serves as an expansion of the conversation they’ve started using stories to explain why people act the way they do. This kind of insight can help managers at all levels support, motivate, and understand their teammates and members better. I believe the information can help foster a healthy club culture and enhance the lives of all involved.

Three Carpenter